Sidewalk & Parking Lot Snow Removal

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According to the National Safety Council and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on average, more than 50,000 crashes and slip and falls occur in parking facilities each year, leading to 500 or more deaths, and over 60,000 injuries. To mitigate weather-related work injuries our clients hire Executive to keep their employees and customers safe and to bare much of that risk.


True Self Performing

Count on Executive’s proactive service, utilizing specialized equipment dedicated solely for winter work. We have over 300 full-time and seasonal employees, not subcontractors, available to meet your snow removal needs. We manage our material and equipment deliveries in-house, thus eliminating salt and liquid de-icing shortages and ensuring optimal excellence and delivering greater peace of mind.

Executive has a dynamic fleet with far-reaching capabilities. When winter weather just won’t relent, our powerhouse equipment allows us to continue clearing your property, even as your business continues to operate.


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Whether your property is an office building, hospital, shopping center or industrial park, you need a dependable snow and ice management company to clear away the snow and ice from your parking lots, walkways, and other surfaces. At Executive, our sole focus has been winterproofing businesses for 35+ years, so we have the process down to a science.

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