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40 Years

Founded in 1983, Executive first began its legacy by servicing 9 local bank branches in the Queens, New York area. Over the past several decades of business, we have grown exponentially to become the top rated provider of commercial snow and ice removal services throughout the entire New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Mid-Hudson Valley regions. As one of the largest snow and ice removal firms in the Northeast, we loyally cater to the needs of multinational companies across various industries and service millions of square feet of pavement.


Since business owners and property managers often strive to prevent liability, downtime, and snow delays, they count on us to rise to the challenge. We exceed expectations with site-dedicated equipment and highly trained personnel. Our self-performing operation is comprised of an expansive fleet of plow trucks, brine tankers, skid steers, front end loaders, UTV’s and other commercial-grade equipment. We are poised and always ready for the unique ice and snow removal needs of the New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Mid-Hudson Valley, all managed by our proprietary purpose-built software – SMART™ Snow Management At Real Time.

Executive actively consults with  certified Weather Partners to determine weather activity and forecast precipitation so the best decisions can be made leading up, during, and following weather events. We proactively dispatch our fleet to apply either liquid or granular deicer. Our strategic approach is especially useful to freight, trucking, and other industry sensitive snow delays.

Our Management Team

Frank Schembre

Founder & Chairman

Kerry Schembre

President & CEO

Ernest Brackett

Vice President Business Development

Michael Rodriguez

Director of Operations

The Executive Difference

Prepared, Proactive and Truly Snow Ready

  • Our proprietary SMART™ management software maximizes efficiency, client engagement, and service validation.
  • Our fleet maintenance team services our equipment in storm and all year round.
  • We own one of the largest fleets in the tri-state area of BOSS and CASE equipment, solely used for snow and ice removal in the entire industry.
  • Our advanced prediction models precisely forecast weather events.
  • Fully self-performing with more than 300 dispatch-ready full time and seasonal employees.
  • Our wholly-owned equipment is exclusively dedicated for ice and snow control.

Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision: Build a caring and sustainable purpose-driven organization in which our employees thrive and grow. The success of our employees, clients and partners is the driving force behind our mission.

Our Mission: Continue setting the standard as the top rated snow and ice management company for clients who cannot allow winter weather to negatively impact their business.

  1. Safety is paramount!
  2. Exceed our client’s expectations!
  3. Always Deliver Value!

Our Values

Integrity: We hold ourselves to high ethical and professional standards.

Trust: We believe in one another and rely on one another. We are honest in all our actions.

Fairness: We listen first and treat one another’s views and suggestions in a professional and non-judgmental way. We communicate in an appropriate and timely manner demonstrating respect for the individual or group.

Respect: We demonstrate respect by treating each other with civility and dignity regardless of the situation, regardless of the position we have in the company and regardless of background, ethnicity, or any other difference.

Teamwork: We are mindful and caring ensuring that no team member is ignored or left to fail.

Execution: We are disciplined and do not give up. We commit without excuses.

Accountability: We practice accountability by holding first ourselves and then each other accountable.

Our Clients

When weather is at its worst, our clients trust us to be at our best. With 40 years of service & continuing relationships with 150+ satisfied Commercial Snow Removal customers serving 500+ locations, Executive is the ideal partner to cover all your snow and ice management needs.

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