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When you choose an ice and snow management contractor, you can specify the exact level of service you need for each site. For example, one site might require safe sidewalks by 8 AM, while another might need parking lots and delivery ramps cleared by 6 AM. At Executive, we review the complex needs of each site, including high priority areas, accessibility, property boundaries, architectural features affecting ice and snow removal, and environmental sustainability concerns. We have several pricing models to suit varying customer needs and budgets.

The individualized answer to this question is part of our customized pre-season planning. In general, we arrive a couple of hours before the storm to implement preventative measures that create a barrier between the ice and the ground surface. During most storms, our staff is out there plowing, hauling and melting snow. Furthermore, as conditions change, we also make routine visits to ensure as little weather impact as possible on your business.

No. Instead, we train and rely on 250 full-time and seasonal employees for the expertise necessary to keep businesses and retail establishments running, despite inclement weather.

No. Our only business is ice and snow control, so deicers are part of a detailed, customized pre-season plan for each client.


Because all of our truly self-performing trucks and equipment are dedicated exclusively for snow and ice removal, our in-house mechanics maintain them all year. If a breakdown does occur despite our best efforts, our efficient, proprietary SMART routing software quickly and easily dispatches repair or replacement personnel and equipment. Furthermore, our highly trained staff constantly monitors weather conditions and reroutes as necessary.

Prevention is key for us, so we visit most sites before the storm hits. During severe winter conditions, we know it can take an hour just to travel a mile, especially in a large, busy city like New York. Therefore, it is common for us to dedicate equipment and personnel for one site.

At Executive, our work has low environmental impact. In fact, many of our client contracts specify compliance with LEED and other green-friendly building certifications. We have a variety of environmental sustainability practices, including the availability of different types of deicing chemicals, reduced chlorides, and waterproof containers to reduce or prevent ground seepage.

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